Chess is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world, being both fun to play, as well as a great way to exercise your brain.

In her uniquely playful, provocative and profound way, Yoko Ono is therefore now ‘re-purposing’ Chess for a 21st century audience, using exciting 3D graphics and imaginative designs to bring new color to the black and white game.

Yoko has long been associated with Chess, in particular, through her renowned 1966 art installation “Play it By Trust”, featuring only white pieces on both sides of the board.

In addition to a free Traditional version, Yoko’s Chess Game therefore initially also features a premium version of Play It By Trust as well as a Doggie Chess option, where a percentage of all proceeds will be donated to animal welfare organizations worldwide. Further upgrades will then be launched in the coming months.

Download FREE Today!

Choose from 3 CHESS GAMES

trad-circleOriginal Chess: A free game featuring familiar black and white pieces and chessboard.

honesty-circlePlay It By Trust: Yoko’s own creation, displaying only white pieces on an all-white board

dog-circle-newDoggie Chess: Play with a complete set of animated dogs in this fun new interpretation.


syand-shadTraditional: limitless time constraints. Take your time and no need to look at the clock.

speed-shadSpeed: Each move must be made within a fixed period of time. Time depends on level of difficulty chosen.

TIMED-SHADTimed: where complete games are restricted to an overall time limit. Time depends on level of difficulty chosen.

Challenge yourself via 4 DIFFICULTY LEVELS

Computer Opponent and Speed & Time Limits of increasing difficulty:

• Beginner

• Amateur

• Intermediate

• Expert


• Save your Progress and Reload Games whenever you want!

• Background music features tracks created from Yoko’s own recent ‘Take Me To The Land of Hell’ album.

Relax and enjoy the challenge for yourself today!