Animal Welfare

Exercise Your Mind, and Help Animals!

Yoko has long been an committed supporter of Animal Welfare causes. Therefore, with the featured characters in this game being based on actual dogs available for adoption at a local shelter, in addition to highlighting how much fun people can have with pets, this Doggie Chess game is also designed to raise awareness of the importance of choosing pet from an Animal Welfare Shelter when possible – there are dogs of all sizes, shapes and personalities to be found there, so you are likely to find one that is perfect for your home!

Hopefully it will also encourage people to reflect on general Animal Welfare issues, not just for Pets, but for Farm and Wild animals too!

Finally, use this site to connect with an Animal Welfare organisation in your country, and see if you can help with your time or money. Choose from your local organisation, visit their website and help support their cause!

International Animal Welfare Groups

Choose from any of the 16 groups listed below to visit their websites and help support the cause.

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To have your organisation added to our list of Animal Welfare Agencies, please submit your information via this form.

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